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xBloom Brewing System | White

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xBloom is designed to deliver a seamless pour-over workflow. Enjoy cafe quality from your favourite roasters’ coffee at home with one touch.

Designed in San Francisco by ex-Apple developers, this machine is a functional intelligence and innovation, thoughtful design, and the feel of quality that is crafted to last.


  • One box of xBloom Paper Filters 
  • Complimentary 3-Month coffee subscription to "Coffees Around The World" single origin coffee

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Simply pour your favourite beans and use the reusable dripper to start brewing. This dripper has a flat, holed bottom that allows for an even distribution of water and coffee grinds.



Solid-state pouring technology:
patented ‘solid-state’ pouring technology, combined with the vector force system, accurately replicates unique barista pouring styles during the brewing process.

A first-of-its-kind grinder:
The world’s first coffee grinder with automatic step motor adjustment for specified grind sizes and auto-recalibration, reducing static and achieving near-zero retention for consistently high-quality coffee.

Force engine and linear stage:
The docking station initiates brewing with haptic feedback, vibrates the pod for even extraction, and includes an embedded scale with anti-overflow detection for precise coffee-to-water ratio.

xBloom App:
With customisation comes personalisation. Get your “Creative Mode” on with the intuitive smart app, you can personalise settings to match your taste, all in a few touches.


Colour: White
Material: Metal Shell
Length, Width, Height: 8.5" x 6.9" x 16.9"
Net weight: 5.2kg (11.46 lbs)
Water temperature at heater: Up to 99°C
Water temperature at dispenser: Up to 95°C
Grind size: 18.75μm per step
Grind range: 30 settings for pour over
Water reservoir: 700ml (23.67 fl. oz)
Voltage, frequency: 220˜240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 1400 Watt

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