For all of your office coffee needs, look no further…

Is your office in need of a pick-me-up? Let us help.

We’ll set up a quick 15-minute meet and greet to talk over all of your office’s coffee needs.

If your office does not already have an automatic bean-to-cup coffee maker, our experts can recommend options to bring out the best qualities in our Fineprint Peel Street Espresso Blend.

Choose an ordering method:

  1. Automated Ordering: we deliver a fixed amount of our Peel Street Espresso Blend directly to your office on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

  2. Stand-Alone Ordering: place a non-fixed order whenever your office is running low on our Peel Street Espresso Blend.

(please note that both ordering options will incur a delivery charge for orders less than 5kg)

For inquiries email

Tasting event showcasing our filter coffees

Tasting event showcasing our filter coffees

Not buying for the office?

No worries.

Until our online shop is up and running, come visit us at our Peel Street and Lily Street locations and get the perfect coffee for you!

…more coming soon…

Great coffee is the product of skilled coffee farmers, expert roasters, and professional baristas. At Fineprint, we embrace all levels of the supply chain and our focus is transparency, community, and social responsibility. We thrive on sourcing, roasting, and brewing truly delicious coffee.