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[LAST CALL] Ethiopia Uraga Guji (Anaerobic Natural) Roasted for Espresso

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Sourced from Ethiopia, this exceptional single origin showcases a truly distinctive interpretation of Ethiopian coffee. The secret lies in the experimental Anaerobic Natural processing method, trialed at various washing stations since 2015.

Uraga Station employees select only ripe, red cherries for their Anaerobic Natural processing. Training is provided to help local farmers produce and harvest better quality cherries.

These selected cherries are placed in a sealed oxygen-less environment, encouraging specific microbial interactions, resulting in a flavour profile like no other Ethiopian coffee.

Full-bodied and complex with dark fruit character, accented with strawberry and currants, featuring a perfume-like aroma; it's a whole new side of Ethiopian coffee waiting to be explored.

Roasted for: 

Guji, Ethiopia

Uraga Washing Station

Anaerobic Natural

JARC Varieties, Local Landraces

1,925 - 1,945 m.a.s.l.

Bag Size: 250g

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