A pairing of espresso & liquor

Fineprint is co-owned and operated by Scottie Callaghan, a veteran of the international specialty coffee scene and a recipient of a multiple industry accolades. 

Fineprint brings together Scottie’s knowledge and craftsmanship to showcase coffee with a refined focus, together with a sense of community which adds a unique dimension to the Hong Kong café and bar scene.

Although specialty coffee is centre-stage at Fineprint, it is not the only offering. The site is licensed and offers a carefully curated beer, wine and liquor list. We also serve a selection of extremely fresh; seasonally selected food offerings designed as perfect accompaniments to the drinks list.

We want you to feel welcome at our place, you’ll be greeted by skilled friendly baristas serving specialty coffee in an Australian style espresso bar by day and professionally trained sommelier’s by night. So whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, please come by and say hello.