A pairing of espresso & liquor, Fineprint is the flagship shop by Redback Specialty Coffee.

Redback is a specialty coffee roaster that is passionate about delivering exceptional coffees to their customers through constant and unrelenting focus on selecting, blending and craft-roasting the world’s most exceptional coffees.
  Fineprint is directed by Scottie Callaghan, who also oversees craft-roasting and coffee operations for Redback’s wholesale business. A veteran of the specialty coffee scene and a recipient of a multiple industry accolades, Callaghan has created Fineprint to showcase his talents and to add a unique dimension to the Hong Kong café and bar scene.
  Although specialty coffee is centre-stage at Fineprint, it is not the only offering. The site is licensed and offers a carefully curated beer, wine and liquor list. It also serves a selection of extremely fresh, seasonally selected food offerings designed as perfect accompaniments to the drinks list.